This year TAOTS will continue it’s partnership with Columbia University Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project.  Highly skilled staff developers will lead demonstration teaching within classrooms in order to convey state-of-the-art methods of teaching, coaching teachers engaged in reading and writing instruction, providing feedback and next-step goals and helping teachers use and learn from systems of assessment (including performance assessments).  Staff developers will also support our teachers in providing information related to upcoming units of study in reading and/or writing as well as assisting teachers in supporting students’ individual needs.


For the third year, TAOTS will team up with METAMORPHOSIS.  Metamorphosis focuses on  improving teaching practice school-wide. They will work side-by-side with coachesteachersprincipals and administrators to ensure that the home team develops the capacity to build sustainable professional learning communities that actually improve student performance.  A seasoned master staff developer translates professional development experiences into effective classroom practice and provide rigorous and effective professional 

Grades K-3 – Town Hall

Town Hall- (Grades K-3) TAOTS will partner with Town Hall to complete a 14 week residency for grades K through 3.  The Town Hall provides high-quality arts-in-education programs for New York City public schools that support the social and academic development of students. Town Hall customizes each program to suit a school’s curriculum needs. Town Hall educators, creative teaching artists collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and coordinate residencies to strengthen the curriculum connections to the Common Core State Standards.  These activities introduce new skills that foster creative expression, self-awareness, and personal discipline.  Culminating performances showcase students’ skills to their families. The Town Hall Educational Programs help schools build their arts education programs and advance student learning in the arts through curriculum-based, collaboratively planned arts residencies. This rich curriculum encourages teachers to incorporate the arts into their instructional practice.  Students in K – 1 will participate in Creative Movement and our 2nd and 3rd grades will enrich their Social Studies curriculum through the study African Dance.

Grade 4&5 – Dancing Classrooms

Starting in the fall our 4th graders will collaborate with Dancing Classrooms to build social awareness, confidence, and self-esteem in children through the practice of social dance.  Through a standards-based, in-school residency,  Dancing Classrooms uses vocabulary of ballroom dance to cultivate the positive feelings that are inherent in every child.  The maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment, which we hope to bring to every child.  Ballroom dance is the medium they use to nuture these qualities.

Grades 2&3 – Reach the World

This year 2nd and 3rd grade will continue to work closely with Reach the World, an interactive technology based program that exposes students to geography.  Reach the World (RTW) cultivates relationships between young students and volunteer world travelers through an innovative program of online journalism and face-to-face interactions.  To date, RTW has directly served 15,000 students and 600 teachers, primarily in the New York City public schools, but also nationwide.  The National Geography Society Education Foundation named RTW a Model Program in Geography Education.  Through skype and online journals students learn the cultures of selected countries from an online real life traveler.

Grades K-5 – TADA – Theater Arts and Dance Academy

In the 2nd half of the school year,  our K-5 students will participate in a 20 week musical theater residency partnership.  Students will engage in weekly singing and movement classes by utilizing a thematic approach.  Teachers and residency partners will work closely to develop appropriate lesson plans for each of our students.  TADA’s mission is two-fold: to provide high quality musical theater productions performed by talented kids for family audiences and to provide a safe, creative and nuturing place where kids can harness their inherent energy, build their self-assurance and realize their true potential through the unique collaborative art form that is musical theater.  Through TADA’s high quality work, young people gain confidence and learn commitment, responsibility, communication and teamwork…skills that are critical to their success both in school and in life.

Ensemble ACJW- The Academy – (Grades K-5)

A program of Carnegie Hall, The Juliard School and the Weill Music Institute will partner with TAOTS for a year long in-school residency. An ACJW fellow will be partnered with TAOTS for a residency that totals 25 days over the course of the year. Our fellow will serve as a musical resource and bring mastery of their instruments as well as a professional performer’s perspective to our music program. They will partner with our school’s music teacher to strengthen students’ musical skills through a tailored and creativity-rich approach. In addition, our fellow will bring their artistry in to TAOTS through two assembly-style interactive performances this year.

Trips- (Grades K-5)

All classes will be enriching their curriculum through scheduled trips that enhance students’ experience with the curriculum being studied. Stay tuned as the year progresses to receive news of the exciting places that your child will be visiting, with your permission.