My name is Irina Glotova and I am the Physical Education teacher at P.S. 682.  I am honored and excited to begin this school year in this beautiful family oriented school.

About P.E.

Physical education is a necessary component in a child’s overall education.  Through physical education, the students will learn important life skills that will follow them throughout their childhood.  Physical activity can create a positive balance between the body and the mind, thus improving the individual as a whole.

This school year, I am introducing the students to different activities and sport units that will change periodically.  Games and skill practice will be modified to best meet the needs of the students.  Individual, as well as, group games will be geared towards improving each of the students self image, so that they may learn to be confident in the way they approach their academic careers.  I try to create a fun and enjoyable environment where the students can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Please I am requesting that the students wear clothes and footwear that are appropriate for physical activity according to the schedule. Sneakers are important in order to maintain the safest environment possible in the gym.  If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me .