Our ASD Nest Program was profiled in the New York Times (click here to read)

The ASD Nest Program elementary school model supports school-age students with ASD in both developing academic skills and building their social competencies.


The Nest program provides a safe, inclusive environment where students are valued as individuals and learn alongside their general education peers while developing foundational skills for continued success in school.

“If children do not learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn.”


The ASD Nest Program opened in September 2003 at PS 32 in Brooklyn with nine children on the autism spectrum.

Since then, the Department of Education has opened twenty one additional ASD Nest elementary school programs, two middle school programs, and a high school program in Queens.The combined programs now serve approximat ely 400 children on the autism spectrum. Elementary school programs usually start with two kindergarten classes and then expand by one grade each year.

More information

Download NYCDOE’s ASD Nest Family Handbook (Word)

TAOTS ASD/Nest Program Contact Information

Sandro Grancaric
ASD/Nest and Special Education Liaison
50 Avenue P
Brooklyn, NY 11204

NYCDOE ASD/Nest Program Contact Information

1780 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Paul Byas, Principal Administrative Associate

Nancy Frost, Coordinator of ASD Programs

Diane Carnegie, ASD Liaison

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