Welcome to the Speech and Language Therapy website for the Academy of Talented Scholars! According to the New York City Department of Education, “Speech/Language therapy is provided by teachers of speech improvement (TSSLD).  It is designed to address deficits in a student’s auditory processing, articulation/phonological skills, comprehension, and use of semantics, syntax, pragmatics, voice and fluency.” At TAOTS, speech-language therapy is provided in a variety of settings (push-out, push-in, individual, and group), as stated on the student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  A student’s IEP mandates the frequency, duration, group size, setting, and language therapy is given.

For example:  James’s speech mandate is 2 x 30 x 3.  This means James will receive speech/language services twice a week, for 30 minutes, in a group of 3 peers.  Each student’s IEP has specific goals for speech and language that are developed for the student’s needs.

Because TAOTS is an ASD Nest school, one focus of speech-language therapy for some students is Social Development Intervention (SDI). Groups of students meet five times (in kindergarten) or three times (in first through fifth grades) weekly to improve skills such as experience sharing, language comprehension, problem solving, social cognition, and flexibility/self-regulation. Please visit the homepage of the NYU ASD Nest Support Project to learn more about the ASD Nest program and SDI.

Please contact our speech-language therapists via e-mail regarding any questions or concerns about your child or provided services. Click here to learn more about each speech-language therapist.

Meghan Dasaro: mrusso@taots.org

Allison Prusiewicz: aprusiewicz@taots.org

Liza Trinkle: ltrinkle@taots.org

Deidre Whiffin: dwhiffin@taots.org