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Schoolwide Enrichment Model

We give our students the opportunity to self select enrichment clusters based on individual interest, and every Friday they immerse in inquiry-driven, project-based learning.

Students love TAOTS!

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Each year our students and teachers work with a media specialist to create videos that reflect on who we are, what we do, and what makes TAOTS special to the students who attend.

School of Excellence

This video clip showcases how TAOTS, a Zone in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn’s District 20 grew into a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence during its first 10 years.

The TAOTS Mission & Vision

Together with our parents and a highly qualified and dedicated staff, we engage all of our students in rigorous learning activities, schoolwide enrichment clusters, specialty classes and tasks aligned with standards.


  • principal posing with students
  • students observing a plant sprouting
  • TAOTS band
  • art teacher with a student showing her work
  • camp clusters recess
  • student using pattern blocks
  • kindergarten graduation
  • townahall
  • teacher and student celebrating graduation
  • graduation party
  • students showing an early childhood book
  • camp clusters lunch
  • family fitness night
  • family fitness night 2
  • students smiling at each other holding a butterfly net
  • students making muscles in the park